Satisfied Pilates South West Clients have a lot to say!


"I have been practising Pilates for at least 12 years with various instructors. Annita's class is the best I have ever done!", Trish, Totnes.


"The teaching is well structured and developmental. Particularly impressive is the care taken to ensure understanding and care of the individual. This personal focus prevents poor habits devloping, and Annita is outstanding at this. I do feel an improvement in flexibility and body awareness. To sum up - I would recommned these classes, without hesitation", Retired teacher.


"Great quality of teaching. I love Annita's imaginitive visualisations!", Anna, Broadhempston.


"Annita provides a varied and challenging programme while always taking into account specific problem areas", Chloe, Totnes.


"I love my Pilates classes!", Alma, 61 years old.


"Annita's classes are always very well planned, to make sure that all parts of the body are exercised", Pam F, retired, 65 years.


"I always like the fact that you keep an eye on all of your students during the class, and modify exercises, accordingly", Heatherbelle, Ashburton.


"Annita's teaching is fantastic; clear and supportive and with great encouragement", Retired, aged 70.


"Have really enjoyed the classes with Annita. Never feel I have to motivate myself to go as I feel the benefit each week. I enjoy Annita's direct style and I like the atmosphere in each class - relaxed and yet focused", Rebecca S, Totnes, 47 years old.


"I like the small classes. You really feel that Annita is watching you carefully to ensure you are moving correctly. I enjoy the different equipment - balls, weights, bands, hoops - it adds variety to the classes. A lovely way to start the day", Alyson, Tigley, not quite 60!


"A well thought out course with different challenges each week that keeps the class content 'fresh' and enjoyable. Doing Pilates has definitely improved my core strength and back mobility", Jackie, Buckfastleigh.


"The teaching is great. Against initial resistance, I stuck with it. Pilates combined with weight loss has made me feel as if my body is emerging from a long slumber", Retired 70 year old.


"I started Pilates 11 years ago at the age of 61, having avoided exercise and sport all my life. Without Pilates I would not be as fit and flexible as I am, however, a small class and an experienced tutor like Annita, are essential", Anon.


"Have been very pleased - feels so personal as you spot immediately if I'm having problems and offer encouragement", Sue, Ashburton, aged 57.


"All very interesting; my back is certainly responding well", D. Lambert, Carpenter, Over 60.


"I love the teaching - very clear and easy to follow", Heidi Rose.


"Thank you, I so enjoy the classes", Anon.


"Great. Well explained instructions in order to achieve the movements. Back pain and flexibility improved immensely", Anon.


"I really enjoy the classes - the hour flies past!", Jane, Totnes.


"I really enjoy my Pilates classes. My core has definitely strengthened and i know that it has helped the arthritis in my hips. All good!", Tina, Totnes.


" I have achieved a sense of development and growing confidence in my own body and am immensely grateful", Joy Gleeson, 65.


"Annita's teaching is very professional and easy to understand", Lesley, Totnes.


"Both teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable and are always aware of each individuals needs", T.B, Dartington


"It is an important part of my weekly schedule; maintaining flexibility and building strength", Lindsey, Buckfastleigh, 60 years.


"Extremely useful and well taught. Always an enjoyable experience each week", Anon.


"Very clear instruction and demonstration. Good analogies used to help understand the quality of movement", Ruth, Dartington.


"Quality of teaching is excellent", Anon.


"Excellent quality of teaching. Very happy with the class", Helen, Brixham.



"The technology works really well and it's great that you can see us. I really like the way you watch what we are doing and provide very clear instructions on how to get into the correct position and what we should and shouldn’t be feeling….online is really working well for me and that's a surprise!"

"I’m loving the online Gentle Pilates class for Backs……it feels special as if I’m having a 1:1…….I simply listen to your voice, often with my eyes closed, and am able to focus on what you are saying without any distractions…..on the odd occasion I’m not sure what I should be doing I simply look up and there you are on screen showing us what we need to do."

“Trying to remain positive has been, at times, difficult during Lockdown. Being able to do Annita’s on-line classes has had a big impact on not only my physical health but my mental health too and without fail I am in such positive spirits following every class."

"I was apprehensive about the technology at first but Annita was a brilliant guide and so patient as I got to grips with it. I only wish I could fit in more classes! Thank you Annita for making these possible.”

"Great to be doing Pilates again and good to be able to see Pilates friends before and after the session to have a chat! "

"I am loving Annita’s online Pilates classes. It’s great to be able to do a class in the comfort of my own home, whilst being able to still feel part of, and to see everyone else taking the class. It’s great to have a class to look forward to each week. I’d definitely recommend it and would even be interested in carrying on with on-line classes after lockdown, if possible!"

"I haven’t taken a Pilates class for some time now due to injury so thought an online class would be a great to try it out again. It’s not a difficult process once the Zoom App is on your device I have mine on an iPad and connect it to my TV to give me a better view of Annita (being that I’m a bit rusty!) You get the same care and attention as if you were physically in the same room and the team are also available on email etc I would definitely recommend the online classes.”

"I am really enjoying my Zoom mat Pilates classes. I am feeling the benefit of the class in many important ways. It's great to have the routine of joining the class each week and seeing familiar faces and it's so easy to join once you know how. I find it is easy to follow the teachers and they are carefully watching us so it is just like being in a 'real' class. The level of exercise is good for me and I feel stronger. It's a good boost to know I am being active even though we cannot go out to classes! Thank you Annita and Jill!"

"I was sceptical, being a technophobe, that on-line Pilates would not be for me. But it is! I love it! It feels almost like the real thing. I’m so glad I gave it a go. Makes social distancing that little bit more bare-able.
Thanks Annita!"

“I’m surprised by how much I am enjoying the zoom pilates classes. Once I’d worked out how much space I needed for the exercises and where to position my laptop, I’ve really got into the swing of it. Annita’s instructions are very clear and her breathing suggestions are helpful. If I’m not sure if I’m doing something correctly, I can glance at the screen to check. And as Annita is watching, she can give feedback and correct me if I haven’t quite understood.”

"I urge you to try doing Pilates online. I am able to see Annita on the screen and she demonstrates any new or complicated exercises. She can see all of us and check that we are are doing them all correctly. It's really good to have that encouragement and meet together as a group."

"Classes are easy to follow and instructions both visually and verbally are just like being back in a “normal” class, it’s also good to “see” fellow Pilates friends again. Thank you for organising these classes it is something to look forward to."

"The thought of not being able to have weekly Pilates sessions for the duration of this period of maintaining social distancing was not a good option so when Annita and Jill introduced on-line classes it was a brilliant solution."

"I was exceedingly sceptical about how on-line classes would work – but now I’m hooked! I have a pretty useless internet connection (download speed hovers around 5!) but reception for the classes is perfect. I’ve never been much good at doing pilates between sessions and I wasn’t much better when lock-down started, so it’s really good to have a routine established again, before I got too out-of-practice.
An added bonus is that the acoustics are MUCH better than in the studio!! It’s good to see the familiar faces and being able to chat (sort of) at the beginning and end of sessions too. The technology isn’t difficult to use and Annita & Jill are very adept at guiding through any problems."

"I would like to thank you for adding the new intermediate online class. I have been working on my own the last few weeks and finding it increasingly easy to be distracted by other pressing issues, placing my Pilates on the back burner. It was a delight to join the class on Tuesday. Afterwards I not only felt the physical benefit but also felt much better in myself. It’s not the same as a real class in Chapel House but it comes a close second. As this lockdown looks like it’s going to continue for some time to come, I am so grateful that you have offered us online classes, and would recommend them to everyone. It’s also lovely to feel a part of something again. I do hope we can get back to normal classes soon, but in the meantime I shall enjoy the virtual ones. Many thanks."